We offer private exclusive makeup and hairdressing services for brides. We can also provide our services to family members or friends attending the wedding. Advice from our professionals will make you feel radiant. 
Our bridal styling experts will make your hair and skin look perfect on the day that you'll never forget. We are a team of professional makeup artists and hairdressers who work in the film industry, television, fashion and advertising fields. Our services are very personalized, and our quality of work highly exacting. 
As for your bridal look, we advise you on your dress, shoes, earrings, etc. We can even advise your guests. 
We want to provide you with our very best on this special and most important day in your life, so we provide personalized service to every style, shape, etc. We are visagistes and we do a quickly analysis of what's best for you and consider small details that can accentuate features. We have tricks that will enhance your facial features, your eyes, those little tricks that professionals have and will make you shine on this very special day.



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